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May 10th, 2010, 11:41 pm

Hello Everyone and Plot!

OK, so I'm sitting here at 5:16 in the morning; being my usual insomniatic self. What I mean by that is just doing random things. I was reading through some e-mails then my friend told me that the plot of Malvado was sort of less about taking over the world and more about random adventures (as has 2 more friends).

He does have a point, so listen to me. Malvado DOES have a plot; I'd just lost it under the sofa.

OK, MR Writer, I hear you scream. Where is the plot? Did you now lose it under the fridge? Haha... no ¬_¬

To tell you a part of the plot would be to totally spoil the whole thing, as AdequateJ, my friend and artist for Malvado would know.

All those comics that you thought were pointless, all those random story arcs you thought had no connection to the plot... look closer.

I'm not telling you there is a hidden meaning; I'm telling you that all the story arcs and what might seem like a one off gag with no connection to the plot, are not so pointless after all.

Trust me, when the time comes to reveal the newer arcs all those comics that seemed so silly will have its place in the overall storyline.

Why was Eric robbing the bank? Why did zombies attack them? What really happened to Luke when he bumped into that police man?

These have no answers yet due to the storyline simply not having got to the part where it tells them.

This is just to tell people that there is a plot. A solid one, one that will have a little more drama and storyline twists in them later on. This year was not a waste; it was simply setting things up for a larger, funnier, and more dramatic story.

I always tell AdequateJ about my plans and he really liked them and was happy with them. As long as he's happy, we're having fun creating this comic, and the readers are enjoying themselves; that is all I really care about.

So, please, if you stick with us a little more, you'll see the entire plot come together and then do a double take on the old comics to see where they all fit in.

While I'm here, I want to say a massive thank you to AdequateJ. He's stuck with me for so long on this comic and hope he's still enjoying himself with it. He's art style has improved so much over the course of this comic, look at the first few comics and then look at the last few, you can tell right away he's improved. The shading, the detail, the angles, the faces, the little Easter eggs in there, over all he's getting better and better and hope he continues to grow in his art and has a good time with this comic.

Also a massive thank you to the readers out there; I don't know how, whether it's from word of mouth, random searches, or maybe that ad I placed for a month or 2 on a site; whatever the reason, we have 17 fans now. Even if we had 1 fan, I'd still be happy; at least I'd know that 1 person out there was a fan of the comic and reading it weekly. To all who became a fan and/or just read the comic, thank you very much. I hope you still enjoy this comic and will continue to do so in the future.

Good night everyone

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