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December 25th, 2009, 7:20 am

Happy Holidays

Hello everyone, happy holidays from Malvado. I hope everyone's having a good time.

I hope you've enjoyed the comic so far. Please give AdequateJ a round of applause for the coloured Christmas specials, he worked very hard on them to get them up on time and done a fantastic job. So I promised him the week off, so next week there will be no comics, the next comic will be posted on the 4th on January 2010, and will continue its update schedule as usual.

A question to all readers, do you like the coloured version more than the black and white? We can either to the 3 comics a week, in black and white, or 2 comics a week in colour. What would you like to see?

For now, I hope you have a great day, and hope to see you all again in the new year of 2010!


sitbunnynow (Guest), December 26th, 2009, 10:40 pm

B&W I like the comic in black and white, plus, I like more!

Tommeh (Guest), January 11th, 2010, 3:26 pm

Black and White I agree, the Black and White 3x a week sounds much better!

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